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Transformational Impact LLC



About Us

Transformational Impact LLC makes ideals actionable. Focusing on the intersection of brand, strategy, and culture, Transformational Impact LLC works with leaders of companies, nonprofits, and associations to help them envision their preferred future, map the strategy to get there, and create the culture to bring it to fruition. The President of Transformational Impact LLC, Robert McFarland, is the author of the international best sellers, Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew and Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew. Robert has extensive experience in leading organizations through strategic planning, speaking to large and small audiences, training organizations through lecture and experiential methods, and coaching leaders through change. Robert has been a presenter at myriad national conferences, and he is a regular contributor to the Daily News-Record.


  • strategic planning
  • strategic branding
  • culture building
  • leadership training
  • leadership coaching