PrePOPsterous Gourmet Popcorn & Sodas

PrePOPsterous Gourmet Popcorn & Sodas

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PrePOPsterous® creates Absurdly® Flavorful gourmet popcorn for your personal, corporate and special event gifting needs. We specialize in creating Absurdly Flavorful Gourmet Popcorn made from locally-sourced, non-GMO popcorn kernels. When we receive your order, it is popped fresh and packaged from the kettle to the tin, which ensures maximum freshness. Gourmet popcorn is PrePOPsterously perfect for any occasion – from an everyday snack to special events. We’d love to pop up some absurdly flavorful treats for you and your gifting needs.


A PrePOPsterous flight of gourmet popcorn
The PrePOPsterous Sampler
Co-branding corporate gift for Appeal Production
PrePOPsterous Gourmet Popcorn wedding favor
PrePOPsterous Baby Shower
Absurdly DUKES Mix Tailgate Tub
Absurdly DUKES Mix
Co-branding gourmet popcorn w/ Union Bank & Trust
The PrePOPsterous Tree of Tins
Caramel and Cinnamon popcorn