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4 Reasons To Get More Involved With The Chamber

4 Reasons To Get More Involved With The Chamber

4 Reasons To Get More Involved With The Chamber

Businesses join the chamber of commerce for several reasons. Years ago, it may even have been expected in many areas; just something you did when you opened a business and wanted to be in good standing in the community. While that is often still true, particularly for larger businesses that want to invest in the future of the overall business climate, these days it’s more likely a smaller business joins because there is a direct advantage to them personally. Perhaps they wanted a ribbon cutting, need advocacy or wanted a marketing opportunity that membership allowed them.

Yes, there are many reasons to join the chamber and tons of benefits your business can receive from membership. But aside from simply writing a check and receiving a set of benefits, there are reasons why you should become personally involved with the local chamber of commerce. Additionally, the chamber extends its benefits to all of your employees so you can use chamber membership benefits as employee benefits. Share this with them as well.


Let’s place the advocacy, marketing, advertising, and public relations benefits of chamber membership on the back burner. This article is about what the chamber can do for you and your employees specifically, not the business. Yes, the chamber can bring more attention to your business, which can create more sales opportunities, but these benefits and this personal involvement are things that can help you outside of the business as well.



The chamber has a number of educational opportunities where you and your employees can learn about important matters. Chamber discussion topics may include things like customer service, methods to excel in social media, and economic interests in your area. They can help you become a more well-rounded professional, enhance or even change your career, or get up-to-date on important topics in the community.



The chamber offers many opportunities to volunteer for different committees and/or events. You may find a volunteer position in a subject that interests you like building business connections, community events, student engagement, and more. Not only can these volunteer positions be added to your resume, but volunteering could also help you meet people with similar interests and help you grow your professional network.

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Getting involved with the chamber can help you meet more people, grow your professional network and make friendships. Even in communities where social gatherings are still mostly virtual, chambers have networking sessions to help you stay connected. This not only gives you more opportunities to make valuable connections, but give your business more visibility. Being present at these events boosts your standing as a prominent and active member of the community who cares about fostering a healthy business community. You are the face of your businesses, and the more you build connections and are present, the more likely a fellow business will think of you first when they are in need of what you have to offer.



As you grow your network, you may learn of additional business possibilities that you could add to your business’ offerings or that you could use to launch a new one. You may learn of seed money, grants, SBA funding, or private opportunities. Often business deals get made before anything is formally published or requested. Being personally involved in the chamber may help you be a part of those types of discussions and make you aware of opportunities before they become public. The same may be true of the hidden job market. A contact may tell you they’re looking for someone before posting it on a job site, giving you the advantage. Chamber benefits for your business are countless. They can help you increase your number of customers, get your name out there and improve your knowledge and skills. If you get involved individually, there are many benefits to your professional growth and career. As a bonus, those benefits can be given to all of your employees too. That can be a real selling point for someone looking for a great company culture.

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