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Eastern Mennonite School

Eastern Mennonite School


About Us

"We love the global perspective, and the desire to work with and understand the perspective of others. We love the emphasis on community and communication within the school. We love the priority placed on individual/self-directed learning, outdoor experiences, creativity/fine arts, and tangible leadership opportunities for even the youngest students." -EMS Parent

Our Mission and Vision:
Eastern Mennonite School joins home and church in calling students to faith in Jesus Christ, academic excellence, personal integrity, and compassionate service in the world. We aspire to reflect Christ's light as a learning community where every student belongs, thrives, and lives God's call.

Our K-12 community serves more than 360 students of various backgrounds including Mennonite, other Christian denominations, other faith traditions, and people who do not identify with a faith community. We hold up the dignity of each student, engaging in restorative practices when there is harm.

Experiential learning -- often outside of the classroom and outside of the building -- engage all of the senses in learning.

EMS is small and student-centered, offering individualized attention to foster creativity through the arts in a safe environment, rooted in the Christian faith.

We are located on the north side of Harrisonburg near Eastern Mennonite University, and offer transportation services from east of town and in neighboring counties as needed.

Come visit us! Schedule an individual tour or register for a planned Open House at


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