Skyline Roofing To Build New Metal Shop, Planned Warehouse

Daily News-Record  8/7/19
HARRISONBURG — Skyline Roofing is building a new metal workshop and an accompanying warehouse adjacent to its offices at 2389 Grace Chapel Road in Harrisonburg.
“It’s an expansion, but it’s really just kind of customized for us,” said Kevin Weaver, owner of operations for Skyline Roofing.
Before moving to Grace Chapel Road in early summer, the company was in a much smaller location at 112 Meigs Lane, Weaver said.
The previous building was dim with low ceilings and posts that fabricators had to work around, he said.
The new metal shop, on the other hand, is laid out to be as conducive as possible for roofing fabrication, Weaver said.
“I’ve seen a lot of growth in residential metal, which is actually what we’re going to be making in this facility here,” he said.
The $3.3 billion metal roofing market is anticipated to grow 7% through 2020, according to Principia, a construction industry consulting firm. Some advantages to metal roofing include its reflectiveness, durability, and recyclability, Weaver said, but it is more expensive than a roof with shingles.
“A lot of times, if it’s installed correctly, it’s a lifetime roof you never have to mess with it again,” he said.
No new employees will be hired as a result of the project, Weaver said.
Two people will be stationed full time at the metal shop, but the company’s workforce of 80 will be regularly coming and going from the location, he said.
Weaver said he is expecting the new metal shop to be up and running by the end of September.
The project’s second phase includes an accompanying warehouse, which Weaver said he expects to take about 60 days to construct.
“We’ll be starting that when we’re operational in the metal shop,” he said.
The total costs of both the buildings is unknown right now, Weaver said.
Stone Hill Construction is doing a majority of the construction work, but Skyline Roofing will be doing the roofing, he said with a laugh.