Runners Seminar Held At Appalachian Physical Therapy

DNR 4/1/19
Appalachian Physical Therapy recently teamed up with Bluestone Bike and Run to present a seminar for runners on injury prevention and recovery. Led by physical therapist and athletic trainer, Dr. Adam Van Nortwick, 30 area runners of all ages learned about predisposing factors behind running injuries, as well as prevention and recovery.
A competitive and now recreational runner himself for the past 17 years, Van Nortwick has garnered a wealth of experience which he puts into practice to continue running today. For himself and his patients, he frequently utilizes exercises from the Postural Restoration ® Institute, dry needling, and Fascial Manipulation ®. Other influential factors discussed included running surface, weather, and shoe wear.
Eric Jensen of Blue Stone Bike and Run presented the segment on options in shoe wear and knowing how to find a shoe best suited to an individual. He recommends assessing the support a shoe is providing based on miles run in it and not on the age of the shoe; noting 300-400 miles is as long as anyone can hope for a shoe to remain supportive. Some runners even find rotating shoes to give them a brief rest allows the internal structures to recoil and can help to prolong the life of the shoe.
Many of the runners attending also took advantage of a free screening by the physical therapists of Appalachian before and after the seminar. This included a brief assessment of gait, trunk and lower extremity mobility, areas of complaint, and suggestions as to self- treatment, management, and injury prevention.
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