MTC Opens Bistro To Hone Culinary Skills

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October 25, 2018
Bon Appetit
MTC Opens Bistro To Hone Culinary Skills
Daily News-Record  10/25/18
HARRISONBURG — The culinary arts program at Massanutten Technical Center was in need of a revamp.
The kitchen was built in 1972, along with the rest of the building, and it was clear that the program was not meeting the needs of students as a result, Director Kevin Hutton said.
“It just wasn’t up to date with standards,” Hutton said. “It wasn’t where it needed to be.”
The Harrisonburg and Rockingham County school boards, which jointly operate the technical part of it and the casual home part of it,” Morris said. “You learn to cook for yourself or prepare something that impresses friends Morris added that she will use her skills when she’s in college next year and family.”
“I’ll already know how to make inexpensive meals that still taste good,” she must cook for herself.
Emily Morris is a senior in her second year of the program. On Wednesday, she and her classmates helped prep ingredients for the next said.
The culinary arts program has 50 students. There are 30 first-year students and 20 in their second year of the program, which can accommodate up to 60 students.
“They do the brainstorming, but I have to decided what is feasible and in budget,” Roberts said.
While students prepare the meals, Roberts drafted the menu.
Salad, and ham and potato soup. The menu is available at MTC’s website,
Wednesday’s meal included a BLT sandwich with roasted tomatoes and avocados, side of macaroni day.
Menus change daily and feature an entree, side, soup, salad bar and dessert. An entree with a side is $5; the salad bar is $5; a bowl of soup with roll is $2; and dessert is $2.
The bistro opened this school year, and serves lunch on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. First-year students in the culinary arts program prepare the days options, and second- year students prepare the next day’s meal.
Tara Roberts took over as the culinary arts instructor in July. Roberts brought new ideas with her, including opening a bistro to feed teachers at MTC and the general public.
“It went from a ’70s kitchen to state of the art,” Hutton said.
Called mise en place, which is the French term for “set up,” this involves getting ingredients chopped, measured and ready to be put center, provided $90,000 to renovate the kitchen, and a new instructor was hired for this school year.
“You learn the professional together the next day.
Though it’s mainly teachers and MTC business partners who frequent the bistro, Hutton said he’d like the space to be rented out for retreats and meetings by local Although Morris said she doesn’t want to go into culinary arts, the skills she has acquired have been beneficial.
Meals are prepared in the newly renovated kitchen and served in a banquet room that has also seen upgrades.
“It’s totally open to the community,” Hutton said. “We’re making it a place that you can reserve, and we can provide the catering for the companies."