Holtzman Oil Donates Two Trucks To Triplett Tech

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October 30, 2018
For the Daily News-Record          10/30/18
MOUNT JACKSON — Two Holtzman Oil employees drove two road tractors — the kind of heavy-duty truck used to pull or tow trailers on the highway — to Triplett Tech and parked them outside the auto technology classroom.
The trucks were not there for repairs by the students. They were donated so that the students could learn about them.
“As of right now, the kids are just drooling over them,” said Lucas Long, the auto technology teacher at the school. “They ask, ‘when are we going to work on them?’ I wish I had a dollar every time they ask. They ask, ‘can I look at the engine?’ When you give me a student that is interested, it makes my job easy.”
One of those students is Bryson Mitchell, 16, of Edinburg.
“I came to this class to get a better understanding of all vehicles,” Bryson said.
He plans to continue his education at the University of Northwestern Ohio to study diesel engineering.
“I want to work on diesels. They are the future of vehicles. I want to work for the state,” Bryson said.
Levi Miller, 17, of Strasburg, another student, said the trucks are another fun, interesting component of the class. He wants to become a high-performance technician and is all about the turbo in the trucks, which give the vehicles their power. “I am gaining more experience about all kinds of vehicles,” Levi said Both students said they could not wait until they get to work on the road trucks. That lesson should begin in December. Long said that the donations came about after he realized he needed to be able to properly train and get his students certified with an inspector’s license, one of the most important licenses to hold for someone wanting to continue in the automotive field. He said businesses are looking for employees who hold that certification. That credential would allow his students to inspect all vehicles licensed in Virginia, from cars, motorcycles, motor homes to big road tractors. “This says they have the knowledge they can safely inspect vehicles on the road. That is a huge responsibility. They have to be able to say that vehicle is legitimately safe to be on the road,” Long said. To prepare his students for that license, he needed parts or components of vehicles. He went to Nathan Green, manager of Holtzman’s Truck Center, and to Stu Burton, manager of Holtzman’s Car Center. Big trucks require air brakes that must be inspected, and so he asked the two men if they might have
faulty or retired air brakes they could donate so that he could use them in his classroom. Green had a better idea — that Long needed a road tractor with working air brakes that could be used for hands-on instruction. Company owner Bill Holtzman went one further, donating two large road tractors — one a 2006 Mack and the other a 2007 Volvo, Long said. “Truthfully, I was speechless. This was nothing I had requested. It all came from generosity well beyond my expectation,” Long said.
Holtzman was not available for an interview on Monday, but Green said Holtzman was thrilled to make the donation. “We have had a lot of contact with Lucas Long,” Green said. “We are impressed with his mechanical knowledge and what he is trying to do down there — is teach for a broad spectrum of career possibilities.”
Green said there is a shortage of workers for truck-related jobs, whether as a driver or as a mechanic.
“We are always looking for mechanics, along with all these other businesses,” Green said.