DN-R Gets Virginia Press Association Awards

Daily News-Record  4/13/19
HARRISONBURG — Six staff members of the Daily News-Record were recently honored for their work.
At the 2018 Virginia Press Association competitions, 11 awards were given to six staff members for exceptional work in advertising, editorial and photography work.
The DN- R competed in the midsize daily division.
John Rose, a cartoonist who has worked with the DN- R since 1993, won the “Best in Show” award at the annual VPA annual awards banquet, which took place April 6 in Norfolk.
“It only took me about 30 years to win it, but when I found out I did, I was so surprised,” he said in an interview Friday. “I do the cartoons because I love doing them, not to win awards, but hearing I won this great award made me happy.”
Rose’s winning cartoon tackled political incivility, featuring “civility in America” and mascots of the nation’s two major parties — Democrats and Republicans — on a milk carton to indicate the concept was “missing” from society.
Rose has won several first through third place awards from the VPA in past years.
Daniel Lin, the DN- R’s only full- time photographer took home four awards. He won first place feature photo, first place for pictorial photo and second place for general news photo and sports news photo.
“I’m honored to carry on the DN-R’s tradition of strong photography and look forward to continuing to document life in the Shenandoah Valley,” Lin said.
Previous business reporter of seven years, Vic Bradshaw, won third place in business and financial writing. Bradshaw passed away in December, but other representatives were present at the ceremony in his honor.
In the advertising department, a first place award was given to Jennifer Dehoff, who designed a food and drug ad, and Advertising Director Rhonda McNeal.
Another first place award was given to the department for lifestyles advertising. Dehoff also designed the ad and was honored with Kimela Boyd, who served as the sales representative.
Two third place awards were also given for advertising.
One was in digital advertising, with Dehoff as the designer. The second was for multiple advertisers and theme pages, with Dehoff serving as the designer and Coty Griffith, who works in classifieds and telemarketing at the DN- R, serving as the ad’s sales representative.