CHAPTERS OF FUN : Book-Or-Treat Offers Safe Environment For Children

Daily News-Record  10/28/19
MOUNT CRAWFORD — Halloween costumes, free books and Alfredo the pig?
They were all at the Green Valley Book Fair.
Hundreds of families braved the rain Saturday morning to attend the fourth annual Book-or-Treat, one of several events the fair hosts every year.
While children dressed as their favorite superheroes and Disney princesses, parents enjoyed the treat of a fun and safe environment.
“It is safe, trustworthy and you know who puts it on,” said Jennifer Eakle, of Waynesboro.
Eakle has been taking her kids, Landon and Elias, to the Green Valley Book Fair’s many events for years due to how safe of an environment it is, she said.
“Anytime there is an event we try to come out,” Eakle said.
Founded in 1971, the Green Valley Book Fair is a discount book outlet store offering more than 500,000 new books. During selected weeks from March until December, the book fair sees hundreds of people a week cashing in on the goods.
To bring more people in, the book fair holds special events throughout the year, including an Easter egg hunt, safety day, celebration of America, agriculture day, holiday open house and Book-or-Treat.
Michelle Branner, manager at Green Valley Book Fair, said the events are a good way to get children involved.
“It is something free to do and it is easy and it is a good way for kids to be involved,” Branner said. “Those who come out today can get a free book, a pumpkin and get their photo taken.”
From 10- 1 on Saturday, those who attended were able to enter into the book fair’s costume contest while getting free caricatures done.
For Melissa Bowman, of Rockingham County, the highlight of the event was the free books being offered. “It is something fun to do with the kids and I enjoy how they offer books instead of candy,” Bowman said.
Her daughter, McKenzie Bowman, came dressed as Disney princess Moana.
“She is my favorite princess,”
McKenzie said.
Through all the games and free items, McKenzie said her favorite part about the day was just having fun.