Bridgewater Retirement Community ‘Barn Sale’ To Get New Home

Daily News-Record  6/19/19
BRIDGEWATER — For years the Bridgewater Retirement Community hosted a large annual yard sale to raise money for BRC by selling items donated to them by members of the community.
The storage of the items has moved locations over the years and will get a new home once again this summer.
In 2016, donations began being stored in the old Bridgewater Rescue Squad building, which was purchased by the retirement community after the rescue squad built its current facility, said Mike Fike, chair of the residential association for BRC.
A volunteer group began looking after the donations and decided to open up weekly for anyone who wanted to come by and shop, after interest was shown in having more than a once-a-year event.
Donations come in all year round, from people downsizing or moving out of the area, Fike said. As they come in, the items are priced for sale.
Weekly shop hours weren’t advertised, but once a month BRC would host a weekend- long sale that was advertised.
Some people would come every week to see what was new at what became known as the “barn sale.” It became a great source of revenue for the retirement community. So far this year, the community has raised $15,000, which is used to offset monthly living costs. The community also donates a fair amount to the Bridgewater Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Fike said.
But the days are numbered for the barn sale’s current location.
“It’s a bit of an eyesore with the nice, new buildings popping up around it,” Fike said of the old rescue squad building.
The building is slated to be torn down. However, knowing the importance of the barn sale to the residents and the community, an alternative location was chosen.
The barn sale will move to the old Moore Electric building, across the street from Generations Park in Bridgewater. The building is currently being renovated.
“It’ll have a lot of amenities that the old place did not, like bathrooms,” Fike said with a laugh, adding that it will also have air conditioning and heating.
Fike said he’s grateful to the directors of the retirement community
for having the foresight to plan ahead for the future of the barn sale instead of getting rid of it entirely.
Renovations will continue through July, and the hope is to be fully moved in by the start of September.
There will most likely be a inventory reduction sale to make the move easier. But the community wants to hold onto enough to be able to stock the shelves, Fike said.
The barn sale will continue to operate in the current fashion, with limited weekly hours and a once a month, advertised sale.
“The community has been so supportive with donations and purchases,” Fike said.