Boys And Girls Club Names Interim Head

Daily News-Record  3/20/19
HARRISONBURG — With Lori Kizner’s last day with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County coming to an end in two weeks, Greg Lunsford will take over the reins as interim executive director.
Lunsford, 50, began his career at the local Boys and Girls Club last Oct. 15 as the director of development. Once he takes over as interim executive director on April 1, he will still continue his job as director of development.
“Lori has done so many great things for this club and typically someone coming in, whether permanent or interim, typically wouldn’t have the opportunity like I did to work with the current executive director,” Lunsford said. “I feel very grateful to have worked with her these last six months. She is very knowledgeable and extremely willing to help me in any way that I’ve needed.”
The organization operates seven club sites, three in Rockingham County and four in Harrisonburg, including its headquarters in the Lucy F. Simms Continuing Education Center, 620 Simms Ave.
Lunsford came to the Valley from South Florida, where he lived for 20 years working as the vice president for Ocean Reef Community Association, which is a management company that oversees five smaller companies.
The companies that were overseen included the North Key Largo Utility Corp., the Grayvik Animal Care Center, a nonprofit which he served as the executive director of, and nonprofits Dog Park at Ocean Reef and Ocean Reef Volunteer Fire Department, both of which he served as vice president.
While in Florida, he also served as board president for both Habitat for Humanity of the Upper Keys and of the Ocean Reef Chamber of Commerce, as well as being the director of the United Way of the Florida Keys board of directors.
Lunsford said he is interested in applying to be the permanent executive director at the local Boys and Girls Club. “I grew up in the Boys Club of Oak Ridge Tennessee and I spent from third-to seventh-grade every day at the club after school, and it had a huge impact on my life,” Lunsford said. “I knew that if I ever had a chance to work for a Boys and Girls Club during my career, then it’s something I’d want to do and give back.”
But for now, he is focusing on serving as interim while continuing his current position at the club.
Doug Driver, president of the club’s executive board, said in an interview Monday that the executive committee realized it would not have a replacement for Kizner by the time she left so they would need to find an interim.
“Greg was the logistical person to fill in as interim executive director,” Driver said.
He said the organization is like a three- legged stool in that it contains three leadership positions outside of executive director — director of development, financial officer and director of operations.
The organization has not had a director of operations since November or December when Geo Bonilla resigned, but Driver said the position has been filled and the person will begin in April.
“Of the leaders we have here, Greg made the most sense to fill the position while he looked for a full- time executive director,” Driver said.
Advertisement for the position began on March 1 and applications will continue to be accepted through March 29.
The nonprofit is advertising through online sites such as Indeed, social media, James Madison University, Bridgewater College, Eastern Mennonite University and through the national Boys and Girls Club website.
Driver said in an interview March 4 that the new executive director is required to have a bachelor’s degree and be a professional person.
Candidates need to have leadership skills, including problem-solving, decision-making and delegation skills, as well as strong oral and written communication skills.
Driver said that so far, he has received 32 applications, with the bulk of them coming from Indeed.
“I’d say three-fourths aren’t under consideration, though,” he said. “We hope to have a replacement chosen by the end of May, though it could run into the beginning of June.”