House of Clues, LLC



About Us

Escape room, the live action adventure craze that is sweeping the nation. Get a group of your friends, family, coworkers and solve the clues, puzzles, and codes to vanquish the game in 60 minutes.

There are different themes to choose from.
1. Through the Looking Glass - You have followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole. Now he has disappeared, and you are trapped in the Mad Hatter's tea party! Without him to guide you out through the looking glass, you need the White Rabbit's watch and 7 fantasy tokens - can you find then before the looking glass disappears and you are trapped in Wonderland forever?
2. Dr. Skarz' Lab - the last thing you remember, you were eating a nice meal downtown with your group. Suddenly, you find yourself in this strange laboratory.
3. The Heist - A mysterious gang of thieves has been trying to break into our museum to steal the world's largest diamond. We need your help to catch them. There are hidden codes and ciphers that, if you are clever enough, will enable you to unravel their dastardly plan and save that diamond.